Word from the dignitaries

Festival AfroMonde

Justin trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to everyone attending the 14th AfroMonde Festival in Montreal.

This event offers Canadians of all backgrounds a wonderful opportunity to experience the richness and vibrancy of African culture. It also offers a chance to highlight the many contributions that Canadians of African descent have made, and continue to make, to our nation in all fields of endeavour.

I would like to commend the organizers and volunteers for their commitment to celebrating and sharing African culture. I am certain that festivalgoers will delight in the many activities planned for this year’s event.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I offer my best wishes for a memorable experience.

Sincerely, The Right Honourable Justin P. J. Trudeau, P.C., M.P.

Festival AfroMonde

Pablo Rodriguez

Minister of Canadian Heritage

Welcome to the 2022 AfroMonde Festival.

Canada is home to people from around the world and our strength rests in this diversity. For 14 years, the AfroMonde Festival has highlighted this beautiful diversity. Thanks to its extensive programming, arts and culture are used to build bridges among people from all horizons. What a great way to encourage intercultural dialogue and bolster the local arts scene!

As Minister of Canadian Heritage, I would like to congratulate the AfroMonde Foundation and everyone who helped bring this 14th festival to life. I wish you another successful festival.

Festival AfroMonde


Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, and Minister responsible for the Fight against Racism, Deputy for Deux Montagnes, (Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ)

I would like to greet all the participants at the 14th edition of the AfroMonde Festival. Since 2009, this major annual meeting of the Montreal artistic scene has encouraged meetings between artists of all disciplines, in a spirit of intercultural rapprochement. This dialogue of cultures offers festival-goers of all ages the opportunity to appreciate a range of artistic expressions.

I would also like to extend my warm congratulations to the managers of the AfroMonde Foundation, who have chosen the theme of unity this year. They thus demonstrate, once again, their unifying and inclusive spirit. Have a good festival!

Festival AfroMonde

Ruba Ghazal

Member of Parliament for Mercier, Spokesperson for the 2nd Opposition Group on Energy, Spokesperson for the 2nd Opposition Group on Environment, (Québec Solidaire)

The contribution of the cultures that make up Quebec society is part of our nation’s DNA. Your festival, which builds bridges and creates unity out of diversity, is a breath of fresh air.

Festival AfroMonde

Christine Black

Mayor of the Montreal-North borough of the city of Montreal

My colleagues and I salute all festival-goers from all communities who for a 14th year in a row will be able to enjoy several activities and artistic performances inspired by a traditional and inclusive culture. This festival is an opportunity for all and everyone to come together in a friendly atmosphere where the sharing of traditional cultures is his date.

We wish you a good and happy festival!

Festival AfroMonde

Luc Ménard

Candidate for mayor of Montreal (Montreal 2022)

Afromonde Foundation by creating a meeting space for the diversity of cultural expressions is a model of community functioning likely to resolve, for young people in precarious situations, issues such as intimidation and violence. We must stress the importance of the community environment in preventing crime. The arts, youth and education – these combined are transformative.

Festival AfroMonde

Valérie Plante

Mairesse de Montréal

For its 14th edition, the AfroMonde Festival will once again bring us unforgettable moments of exchanges and encounters at the Quai de l’Horloge in the Old Port of Montreal.

This festival is an excellent opportunity to come together to share traditional cultures, urban music, humour, fashion, visual arts and cuisine. The AfroWorld Festival offers us the opportunity to meet and learn more about the various cultural forms of African and Afro-descendant influence, which directly contribute to the richness of our city.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the organizing team, partners, volunteers and artists who bring this event to life and who, through their work and talent, contribute to the growth and influence of our metropolis.

Enjoy the Festival!

Festival AfroMonde

steven guilbeault

Minister of Canadian Heritage, Member of Parliament for Laurier, Sainte-Marie, (Liberal Party)

I would like to congratulate all those who participated in the organization of the AfroMonde Festival. Your leadership makes it possible to revive the world of arts and culture, to understand it and to appreciate it more, especially after this long pandemic pause, and I thank you for that.

The AfroMonde Festival holds an important place in the promotion of diversity and multiculturalism, in particular because it presents emerging music, dances and other artistic performances in order to bring together our large multicultural community.

We are privileged to live in a city that celebrates day after day the richness of the cultures that compose it. As a Liberal candidate in Laurier – Sainte-Marie, I am proud to work here with you to promote the arts and culture of Quebec in Canada and around the world, through unifying, dynamic and inspiring events such as the AfroMonde Festival.

Festival AfroMonde

Sabine Monpierre

Municipal candidate, Côte-des-neiges

For 14 years now, the Afro Monde Festival has been helping Montrealers discover and appreciate traditional cultures through arts and shows! In these uncertain and difficult times, we need to celebrate and connect with one another and stay united. Unity in action can be the beam on which one can lean to build a better world. Art, ancestral traditions and culture are therefore strong links not only in living together but above all in reconnecting with our roots.