Word from the dignitaries

Festival AfroMonde

Agnès Mbome

President of the AfroMonde Foundation

It is with genuine pleasure and gratitude that I welcome all the festivalgoers who will be present at the 15th edition of the Afromonde Festival.

Milan Kundera once said, “Culture is the memory of the people, the collective consciousness of historical continuity, the way of thinking and living.” This quote succinctly summarizes and serves as a reminder, if one was needed, of the immense importance of culture in nation-building. Indeed, art and culture play a unique role in any society. They allow individuals to express themselves, to connect mentally with others, to feel like they are sharing moments, emotions, and sentiments with them, and to empathize with what they feel. This is precisely what the Afromonde Foundation aims for in initiating this event, the added value of which is beyond question.

Through this Festival, AfroMonde intends to support the cultural sector in Canada and promote the access of cultural actors to the Canadian stage, ESPECIALLY AFRODESCENDANTS. In terms of art, music, and theater, Afro culture holds a significant place within Canadian culture, and AFRODESCENDANTS are enthusiastic about introducing it to the public.

I am greatly looking forward to celebrating this wonderful cultural adventure with all the festivalgoers!

Festival AfroMonde

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to everyone attending the 15th AfroMonde Festival in Montreal.

This event offers Canadians of all backgrounds a wonderful opportunity to experience the richness and vibrancy of African culture. It also offers a chance to highlight the many contributions that Canadians of African descent have made, and continue to make, to our nation in all fields of endeavour.

I would like to commend the organizers and volunteers for their commitment to celebrating and sharing African culture. I am certain that festivalgoers will delight in the many activities planned for this year’s event.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I offer my best wishes for a memorable experience.

Sincerely, The Right Honourable Justin P. J. Trudeau, P.C., M.P.

Festival AfroMonde

Valérie Plante

Mayor of Montreal

For its 15th edition, the AfroMonde Festival will once again bring us unforgettable moments of exchanges and encounters at the Quai de l’Horloge in the Old Port of Montreal.

This festival is an excellent opportunity to come together to share traditional cultures, urban music, humour, fashion, visual arts and cuisine. The AfroWorld Festival offers us the opportunity to meet and learn more about the various cultural forms of African and Afro-descendant influence, which directly contribute to the richness of our city.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the organizing team, partners, volunteers and artists who bring this event to life and who, through their work and talent, contribute to the growth and influence of our metropolis.

Enjoy the Festival!

Festival AfroMonde

L’honorable Pascale St-Onge

Minister of Canadian Heritage

Our country includes a diverse array of traditions and languages, each contributing to our vibrant culture.

Our government is pleased to support cultural gatherings, like the AfroMonde Festival, that highlight Canada’s diversity. This event, bursting with warmth and opportunities to share, fosters dialogue between cultures and gives people a chance to learn about the traditions and cultures of Africa and the Caribbean. It also allows artists to demonstrate their talent and broaden their audience.

I would like to thank the AfroMonde Foundation for promoting the arts and culture of the many communities of African descent, and for encouraging the inclusion of young people in the community. Best wishes on your 15 th anniversary!

Festival AfroMonde


Minister of Transport

Welcome to the 2023 AfroMonde Festival.

Canada is home to people from around the world and our strength rests in this diversity. For 15 years, the AfroMonde Festival has highlighted this beautiful diversity. Thanks to its extensive programming, arts and culture are used to build bridges among people from all horizons. What a great way to encourage intercultural dialogue and bolster the local arts scene!

I would like to congratulate the AfroMonde Foundation and everyone who helped bring this 15th festival to life. I wish you another successful festival.

Festival AfroMonde

Ruba Ghazal

Member of the National Assembly for Mercier, Spokesperson for the 2nd Opposition Group on Energy, Spokesperson for the 2nd Opposition Group on Environment, (Québec Solidaire)

The contribution of the cultures that make up Quebec society is part of our nation’s DNA. Your festival, which builds bridges and creates unity out of diversity, is a breath of fresh air.

Festival AfroMonde

Christopher Skeete

Minister for the Economy, Minister responsible for the Fight against Racism and Minister responsible for the Laval region

A Meeting of Intercultural Connections,

The 15th AfroMonde Festival offers all Quebecers, once again this year, a fantastic opportunity to come together in a vibrant and flavorful celebration.

The theme of this year, “Explore,” perfectly embodies the spirit of the event – to embark on a journey of discovering different traditions right here in Montreal. AfroMonde Festival goes beyond the African continent: representatives, artists, and entrepreneurs from all over the world will showcase their expertise, fostering genuine intercultural dialogue.

I extend my gratitude to the AfroMonde Foundation for organizing this festival, which brings multiple positive impacts to Quebec. Such an event provides an extraordinary opportunity for all Quebecers, regardless of their origins, to exchange and explore the richness of diversity present here, in Quebec, strengthening our bonds of solidarity.

Festival AfroMonde

steven guilbeault

Minister of Environment and Climate Change

I would like to congratulate all those who participated in the organization of the AfroMonde Festival. Your leadership makes it possible to revive the world of arts and culture, to understand it and to appreciate it more, especially after this long pandemic pause, and I thank you for that.

The AfroMonde Festival holds an important place in the promotion of diversity and multiculturalism, in particular because it presents emerging music, dances and other artistic performances in order to bring together our large multicultural community.

We are privileged to live in a city that celebrates day after day the richness of the cultures that compose it. As a Liberal candidate in Laurier – Sainte-Marie, I am proud to work here with you to promote the arts and culture of Quebec in Canada and around the world, through unifying, dynamic and inspiring events such as the AfroMonde Festival.

Festival AfroMonde

Viviane Minko

President, Women’s Commission of the Liberal Party of Canada-Quebec and President of Policies, La Pointe-de-l’Île-LPC

Culture is the very possibility to create, renew, and share values, the breath that enhances humanity’s vitality. It is one of the most important levers to activate in order to rehabilitate and reinvigorate the economy while producing meaning.

I am firmly convinced that if we continue our collaborative work, we can expand our network further for a stronger community, while contributing to the development of our adopted country. I would like to acknowledge the fabulous work of the organizing committee members, the Board of Directors, as well as the many volunteers, without whom the realization of this event would be impossible.

I also warmly thank them for their time and dedication. Let’s celebrate together such a great richness in our country and the Montreal metropolitan region.

Long live the strengthening of the bonds of our Community and living together!

Long live the cooperation between Canada, Quebec, and Africa!

Long live the AfroMonde Festival, and this 15th edition!

Festival AfroMonde

Gracia Katahwa

Mayor of Côte-des-Neiges-NDG

It is a pleasure to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the AfroMonde Festival.

Remaining true to its mission of creating connections through arts and culture, the AfroMonde Foundation presents us with a rich 15th program featuring performing artists and inclusive activities. Welcoming Montreal’s diversity in a historic location here at the Old Port truly reflects our desire to develop a genuinely inclusive city and a cultural metropolis for the future.

Arts and culture contribute to a society’s identity and the empowerment of its people. And the AfroMonde Festival offers us the opportunity to learn more about these diverse cultural expressions influenced by African and Afro-descendant influences. Let’s not miss the chance to engage with them and appreciate all the forms of artistic expression that animate them.

Festival AfroMonde


Member of the Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques riding and Co-Spokesperson of Québec Solidaire

My first words are to acknowledge all the work of the team that made this 15th edition of the AfroMonde Festival possible, to the organizing committee, the board of directors, the volunteers, and the artists. Through this inclusive event, you are showcasing the richness of your communities.

In the coming days, participants will have the joy of exchanging ideas about gastronomy, art, history, and celebrating the rich culture of African influence and the talent of Afro-descendant Quebecers.

As the representative for Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques and co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire, I thank you for highlighting the richness of our diversity and the contributions of Quebecers of all origins to the development of Quebec.

Enjoy the festival!

Festival AfroMonde

Frantz Benjamin

Member of the Viau Riding

The AfroMonde Festival, a must-attend event in Montreal. It’s the African cultural richness unfolding for the benefit of all art, music, gastronomy enthusiasts, and more.

A dedicated team is pooling its talents and energies to present you with the 15th edition of the 2023 AfroMonde Festival. It offers the opportunity for new connections, discoveries, and partnerships.

I am excited to see communities from all over the world come together and enjoy this vast realm that African culture represents.

I salute the work of the volunteers and organizers and wish you an excellent 2023 AfroMonde Festival.


Frantz Benjamin
Member of the Viau Riding

Festival AfroMonde

Abdelhaq Sari

Deputy Mayor of Montreal North

Montreal stands out for its both cultural and ethnic diversity. For 15 years, the AfroMonde Festival has been showcasing this beautiful diversity, nurturing intercultural and artistic dialogue! This festival offers all Montrealers a colorful and flavorful opportunity to engage in exchanges.

I am very proud to participate in this annual event that fosters intercultural connections.

I find this year’s theme, “Explorons” (Let’s Explore), fantastic, as it truly embodies the spirit of the event, inviting us to embark on a journey of discovering different traditions right here in Montreal, through a comprehensive program that encompasses arts and culture.

I congratulate and thank the AfroMonde Foundation for organizing this festival, with its multiple positive impacts on both Montreal and other cities in Quebec.

Enjoy the festival, everyone!