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 Master of ceremonies & Rapper

Jay Seven

Jay Seven is a staple in the Montreal nightlife and urban music community. He has been hosting events, concerts, private parties as well as podcasts for many years. Having travelled the world equipped with his microphone skills and hype energy, Jay Seven has proven to be a key element in any must-see event

Festival AfroMonde
Festival AfroMonde
 MC, voice actress and singer 

Fabienne LaferriÈre

+ August 19 – 7:00 PM to 7:15 PM

Fabienne knows something about living with the judgment and scrutiny of others. Originally from Haiti, adopted by a Quebec family at the age of 21 months, she grew up in Trois-Rivières where, 20 years ago, the term “multicultural” was not yet integrated.

Very young, in the basement of the house she shared with her 3 brothers and sisters, she dreamed of being a facilitator. It was following the sudden death of her best friend, 2 years ago, that Fabienne’s life was transformed.

This difficult ordeal led her to question who she is and the contribution she wishes to make to society. The observations she made led her to free herself from the judgment of others and detach herself from the weight of the difference that she had always carried.

It was with her conception of the Tabou Moderne talk show that her career took off and her charisma propelled her into the world of animation, as well as dubbing, acting and, of course, the world of social media. A colorful woman, Fabienne is now on a mission to create openness and bring people to transform their difference into strength. Fabienne is definitely a girl with a thousand projects.

Festival AfroMonde
 Mc & Rapper 

Dice B

A veteran of the local urban scene, DiceB is a prominent figure in the Montreal hip-hop universe. As a founding member of the group Catburglaz, the only rap group signed by Novem, Dice B has always been committed to elevating this musical style to the level of its popularity, both in the French-speaking and English-speaking communities. With three albums under his belt with Catburglaz and six solo albums, Dice B is far from having said his last word.

Always on the lookout for new challenges and motivated by sharing his knowledge, Dice B teams up with a 17-year-old beatmaker, Major Tom aka Quiet Mike or “Le Michel silencieux,” for his next project. Hailing from a family of musicians, Major Tom is already, despite his young age, a highly sought-after collaborator in the underground network. Dice B’s fifth album is his most accomplished and mature solo project, with themes closely tied to his Haitian origins. It is largely produced by the now renowned Nicholas Craven.

The album “Renaissance” brought joy to purist rap enthusiasts and critics of all kinds in early 2022. Featuring collaborations with D-track, Sun Shan, Nazbrok, and Tricky Beats. Both the lyrics and musical production have been meticulously crafted.

The music and interludes are just as important as the lyrics on this fifth album, and the result speaks for itself. In 2023, Dice B forms a duo with the highly talented and prolific rapper and beatmaker SeinsSucrer, giving birth to the future classic album “Nuit Blanche.” This album pays homage to Dice B’s famous radio show, which has been on the airwaves of Radio Centre-Ville for 32 years now.

Festival AfroMonde
Festival AfroMonde
 Mc & Deejay 

Antony dagger

Born in Montreal, raised in Laval, Antony is passionate and always has a thousand projects on the go! more than seven years of experience in events, animation and mixing. You can hear him on the radio every Monday morning and Thursday evening from 10:30 p.m. on his show “le warm up fm” at 102.3fm. Antony exudes happiness because he loves what he does. whatever he does, mixing or animating, his passion is contagious.

Festival AfroMonde
 Mc, producer and deejay 

Lady Special k

Keithy Antoine Ladyspecialk; Quebecer of Haitian origin, and full-time mother of 2, she defines herself as a citizen of the world! Multidisciplinary and dynamic, she specializes in everything that concerns and surrounds urban culture, from here and elsewhere, it’s not just a question of age or origin, but rather a state of mind. , a wonder at difference and diversity!

She has training and experience in architecture, media, graphic design, marketing and entrepreneurship. She has a very inspiring professional background, she exudes great energy! She has been an artist and radio, tv, webtv and event host since 1991 (, and winner of several awards in graphic design and media.

With her graphic work she has collaborated with, among others, XM Radio Satellite, Warner Brother, Salomon Sport, Xeros, Ecko Unlimited, Audiogram, La Maison Simons… Stevie Wonder, Dj Spinna, Nas, K-Os, Corneille, Senaya… Since 2010, she is co-founder of the webmedia, and Illustrator under Full Of Soul ( Since 2014, she has owned Boutique Espace Urbain Montreal ( and Location Loft Urbain (

She hosts the program Entrevue Lounge Urbain on Bell FibeTv1, also broadcast on Recently, first director of programming for Espace Koudjay at the Center des Arts de la Maison d’Haïti in Montreal. Winner of the 10th Gala Excellence JCCH Mtl, 2012 Winner of the 23rd edition of Mtl Black History Month, 2013 Winner Woman in Business Mtl 2014

Festival AfroMonde