Old-Port of Montreal rules

To ensure a safe and pleasant visit to the Quays to all its visitors, the Old Port of Montréal Corporation has implemented site regulations. The Prevention/Protection Department sees to their application.

Festival AfroMonde
Festival AfroMonde


Being naked, bare-footed, or wearing indecent or offensive clothing is forbidden. Shoes, pants or shorts, and shirts are mandatory everywhere on the Site including, but not limited to, all outdoor areas and inside buildings.

Garbage and objects left behind

t is forbidden to discard, leave behind, or dump garbage, litter, any articles or objects, hazardous materials, or pollutants on the Site or in the river, other than in the containers designed for this purpose, as applicable. Any and all objects found will be considered as having been abandoned and will be held at the Corporation’s security office for sixty (60) days, after which time the Corporation will dispose of them.


It is forbidden to:

– Hunt, trap, and shoot

– Fish within the boundaries of the site.

– Feed birds and wild animals

Walking with a pet is permitted on the site so long as it is on a leash. Pet owners must pick up their pet’s excrements and maintain control of their pet at all times to ensure it does not disturb, or pose a thread to, members of the public.

The presence of animals is forbidden inside the Corporation’s buildings and at Clock Tower Beach, except for service animals (such as guide dogs and assistance dogs) whether they are on duty or in training.

Tobacco, vaping and cannabis

Smoking and vaping tobacco or cannabis are prohibited:

– on terraces and other outdoor areas used for commercial operations and designed for rest, relaxation, and consumption of products.

– in outdoor play and game areas designated for children and the general public.

– within a distance of nine (9) metres from any door, air inlet or vent, or window that, when open, gives into a building.

Food and beverage

This is prohibited to:

– Selling, consuming, and being in possession of alcoholic beverages on the site is forbidden, except in areas specifically designated for this purpose. Using glass containers is only permitted in food concession stands duly authorized by the Corporation to do so.

– It is at all times forbidden to bring in and consume, at food concession stands and on their terraces, food or beverages purchased elsewhere than on the site. Sale of any and all products is forbidden on the site.


It is forbidden to:

– light fires and campfires and using hot plates, portable stoves, barbecues, and other similar equipment.

– swim both in the site’s basins and in the river.

– duse sound amplification equipment without authorization from the Corporation.

– use radios and musical instruments is permitted so long as their volume remains at an acceptable level as to ensure that the site remains tranquil.

– use drones, motorized scaled model, rockets, or kites on the site without authorization from the Corporation.

– camp on the site.

– Fish on the site.


The site is first and foremost a pedestrian area. All vehicles must at all times give the right of way to pedestrians, bicycles, and other site users.

It is forbidden to:

• ride a skateboard on the site.

• ride in an automobile, a gasoline engine motorized scooter, or an electric scooter in areas where automobile traffic is not permitted (i.e. on the Promenade).

Automobile traffic is only permitted in the King Edward and Clock Tower parking lots and on their access roads for Site access purposes only.

Any and all traffic anywhere on the OPMC site must respect the 10 km/h speed limit.


It is forbidden to:

• park in any area not designated for this purpose.

• park in such a way as to occupy more than one parking space.

• park a motor home or trailer on the site.


The level crossing barrier lights will flash when a train is approaching. Vehicles are prohibited from accelerating when the barriers begin to come down.

It is prohibited to be on the railway when an oncoming train is less than 20 metres away from the road or before a passing train has entirely cleared the road. All vehicles and pedestrians must remain behind the level crossing barriers.

It is prohibited to climb onto the roof of a train or to pass under a train, whether it is in operation or not.

Soliciting and events

It is forbidden to panhandle, solicit members of the public, sell, hand out flyers, showcase products, hang banners or signs, advertise, promote a product, service, or cause on the Site, be it for commercial purposes or not, without the authorization of the Corporation.

Filming, recording, and taking photos other than for personal use is prohibited without the prior written authorization of the Corporation.

The complete version of the rules is available on the Old Port’s website: