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The AFROMONDE Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the education and appreciation of the arts for more effective leadership.

Through its vision, the foundation wishes to break perceptions and create links through arts and culture by providing an essential springboard.

Festival AfroMonde

The AfroMonde Foundation is a partner for government organizations seeking solutions for the inclusion of cultural communities.


– Contribute to the appreciation of multicultural arts by organizing and presenting festive performances of ethnic music, songs and traditional dances. At the same time, artists of different origins are given the opportunity to perform in public.

– Promote the integration of young immigrants into the cultural space.

– Encourage youth to participate in social exchanges by representing the diversity of communities. Rub shoulders with professionals from other cultures.

– Promote artistic creativity and the richness of culture.

– Create cultural enhancement programs.

– Create programs to promote young people from diverse backgrounds and nations.

– Fight against all forms of exclusion

– Strengthen solidarity within communities by raising awareness of the dangers of intolerance, discrimination and racism.

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The AfroMonde Foundation offers a simple and effective solution for public or private organizations, institutions and/or clients involved in the inclusion and consideration of the talents, realities and challenges of every communities.

The AfroMonde Foundation create links between existing organizations and associations, and collaborate with the ministries concerned with the arts, culture and immigration.


– AfroMonde Festival

– World Carnival

– Leaders and personalities in all forms

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